HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME – 19 Lessons in 19 Years

Today is my 19th birthdayyyyyyyy


My birthday will consist of me just chilling. I’m not doing anything special. My boyfriend is going to take me out to eat. My mom got me a cake, my little brother made me a card and had his teachers sign it lol❤. My boyfriend got me a nail kit, that I’ve been wanting forever because I’m tired of paying expensive ass prices to get my nails done every 2 weeks. So I will be learning how to do my own nails☺.

I decided to do a “19 Life Lessons I Have Learned in 19 Years” post.

1. Your happiness comes first. I spent a good majority of my life trying to please others and make other people happy, while I was always unhappy.

2. Be candid with people. When talking to people don’t beat around the bush. Say what you mean and don’t be afraid to do it. Don’t tell people what they want to hear but what they NEED to hear. Be straight up and real because being fake won’t get you anywhere

3. Forgiveness is the key to closure. My mother and I relationship has always been rocky. Many arguments, hateful words, etc. But after I lost my dad, I realize that life is so damn short. I can’t hold grudges forever and sometimes it’s helpful to let go and forgive.

4. Be patient. This has to be the biggest lesson I’ve learned. You can’t rush everything in life and also everything won’t be handed to you. You have to wait for your blessings.

5. Crying is okay. Let me tell you, I am a very sensitive and emotional person. Many people would tell me “Don’t cry. It’s not going to do anything for you”. But sometimes it’s just good to let it out.

6. Your first heart break don’t mean it’s the end of the world. Man when I got my heart broke for the first time by a girlfriend (I am bisexual), I thought I would never find love again lol.

7. Being alone is okay. Growing up I thought a person NEEDED to have friends all the time. So I would do anything to keep the friends that I had even if they were rude or fake to me. As humans we are so afraid to be alone and not have anyone. But little do we know, the only person that you need in life is, YOURSELF.

8. High school will go by quick. I remember being in 9th grade and finally being in high school and complaining about how long school was. Next thing you know in a blink of an eye, I’m walking across the stage getting my diploma.

9. You’re beautiful no matter what anyone says. Everyone is ugly to someone. I used to feel so down when I seen other girls who were gorgeous. I would always ask myself, “why am I not pretty like her?”. I soon learn to love myself and everything about me and not care about anyone else’s opinion of me. If someone thinks I’m ugly, good for them. Fuck them.

10. Be you and always you. We didn’t come in this world to be like anyone else. Be you. Don’t be a copy cat and don’t try to live life like someone else. Be original and unique.

11. Social media is not life. I definitely used to be a social media fiend big time. But over the years it’s really not all that and I can’t depend on social media all the time. I have to make sure that I don’t get sucked up in a fantasy life.

12. Be kind and humble. I always try to remember to be kind to everyone, even strangers because you never know what someone is going through that day and just a simple act of kindness can brighten up their day. Also I remember to be humble and never forget where I came from. I didn’t grow up with riches but I had everything that I need.

13. People do die. When my dad died, it really did tore me apart. I thought things like this only happened in movies. I got an eye opener. This is real life and people will die whether we like it or not

14. Don’t rely on people. If you want something done, do it YOURSELF

15. Have an open mind. I know there is many people in this world that have different views and beliefs about things. Instead of trying to shut them down about it, I choose to have an open mind and hear them out.

16. Family is everything. Self explanatory.

17. Don’t let anger control you. I have to always remind myself to stop being a hot head. I’m a person who has anger problems and I sometimes say things and do things out of anger and later on regret it. I just need to stay calm.

18. Make sure people respect you so you can give them the same respect back. Don’t let people treat you any type of way or talk to you any type of way.

19. You’re relationship with God is between you and him.

This list was pretty tough, I’m not even going to lie. My mind did go blank at times, but I got through it. I hope some of you guys can relate to them too.
Andddddd I know that 4/20 is also for the “holiday” lol. I am 4/20 friendly, there’s nothing wrong with a little weed. So to all my stoners out there SMOKE UP


To everyone else, have a blessed day!


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