Don’t Get Sucked In

Social media is taking over our lives!!!


I’m seeing too many people base their OWN relationships off what they see on social media and celebrity couples. If a celebrity couple breaks up, they think they’re suppose to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend. If a celebrity couple gets cheated on, then they think their boyfriend/girlfriend will cheat on them. Here’s a couple of examples:

Jay Z and Beyonce

 Omg when people found out Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, people went crazzyyyyy. All I saw on social media was “If Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, then every guy will cheat” or “Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, I no longer have no faith in relationships”. Umm last time I checked, Jay Z and Beyonce are NOT you and your boyfriend/girlfriend. Yes Beyonce is amazing and have kids with this man and they are married, rich, and successful so for Jay Z to cheat that was a bad thing. But just because he cheated does not mean, that your boyfriend will cheat on you. People need to understand that celebrities are still regular people, they just got a shit ton of money lol.  They are going to go through things just like regular people go through.

Tristan and Khloe 

 Now this couple cheating scandal was a world changer. Not only did Tristan cheat on Khloe while she was PREGNANT with his child but he cheated on her MULTIPLE times with many groupies out in the open. He even went as far to bringing a girl to his hotel room , knowing that paparazzi always have a camera on him. On social media, like Twitter and Facebook, people weren’t necessarily shocked because Tristan cheated on his ex with Khloe while his ex was pregnant also. So I guess you lose them how you got em (even though she forgave him and is still with him).

But just like Bey and Jay Z, people were tweeting and posting statuses about how every guy cheats and that relationships are scams because nobody will ever be loyal. I even saw on Twitter that the “black guy community” disowned him lol. People are really sucked into these celebrity couples drama as if it’s their own…

Chris and Queen

  I don’t know if many of you know this (ex) couple, but they were a Youtube couple, who was extremely popular. Manyyy people looked up to them as couple goals. But like Jay Z and Tristan, Chris cheated on Queen. Come on fellas get it together haha. Everyone was devastated because they were looked at as the “perfect” couple. A beautiful son together, big house, married, successful careers, etc. They had it all but once again, they’re still human and people fuck up, it’s life. They ended up getting a divorce and going their separates ways. Both are still successful individuals. 

But it’s not YOUR life. It’s not your relationship. Jay Z, Tristan, and Chris are not your boyriends. Just because someone else’s relationship failed or had quite a bit of hiccups, does not mean the same will happen to yours. 

Body Image

According to social media, if your body doesn’t look like the ones above as a female then you’re not pretty. Society have girls thinking that your body has to have small waist, flat stomach, yet wide hips, big butt, and big boobs, thigh gaps, etc. Like excuse me? You’re going to deal with whatever body I have lol. There’s nothing wrong with being a thicker woman or being more curvy than others. Learn to love yourself. All those Instagram models that you see, half of their shit is fake or photoshop to look good and perfect. Get comfortable in your own skin, not someone else’s.

Life Goals/Success

This is one of my biggest pet peeves about social media and how people think. On social media, if you don’t have a fancy car, apartment, and tons of money by the age of 18. Apparently you’re lame and doing everything wrong. Also if you don’t have a fancy car, 5 room, 2 story house, haven’t traveled the world, and tons of money by 22. Then you’re doing things wrong in life too. 


I’m not saying that any of these goals are impossible at such a young age but be realistic now. Not everyone is blessed with luxuries and good luck. At 18, some people are still a junior or senior in high school. Getting an apartment and fancy car should not be at the top of their goal list just yet. At least finish HIGH SCHOOL first. Then at 22, some people are JUST beginning college which is expensive so how in the hell are they going to have to money to travel every year or have a 5 bedroom, 2 story house…? 



Listen, if you’re 18 and don’t have a car yet or even your license, DON’T STRESS IT because IT’S OKAY. Stop comparing your life to others. There’s no guide to life nor a step by step list on things that you’re “suppose” to have or being doing at a certain age. Everyone’s life is different. At 22, just because you see another 22 year old going to Bora Bora, Jamaica, London, etc, does not meant that you have to do those things as well. You life goals are different from everyone’s and you can take as much time as you need to achieve them.

I’m not even going to lie, I use to compare my life to others. After my life was put on hold because I was waiting for my green card. I wasn’t able to get my license, start college straight after high school, or get a job. I was so depressed because everyone that I went to school with, life was advancing for the better, I wanted to be at their level. But I got myself together and told myself maybe this break happened for a reason. I just need to be patient and pray. When it’s my time, I will know. A couple days ago, my green card finally did come. When I was just starting to forget about it and be content with where I’m at in life. It just goes to show, your blessings will surprise you when you least expect it. I’m glad I took a year off of everything because now I feel ready to conquer anything this world throws at me and enter adulthood in confidence. 


I want you all to do the same. Go through life with confidence. Don’t look to social media for the answers to everything. It’s okay to just get ideas from it, but don’t let it control what you do in life, how you look, or the decisions you make in your relationship. 

It’s YOUR life. Don’t create a fantasy one.

Do you think people depend on social media too much?





  1. People definitely let social media take over their lives. To be fair, these things were still an issue before, with gossip magazines, but I think we’re just exposed to people talking about it more now because of social media. So, while you might have seen a story about Beyoncé and Jay Z before, you didn’t necessarily have to see everyone reacting to it!

    I do my best to keep what I see online in perspective. It’s easier because I’m older, but I think the impact this must have on some young people is probably really damaging.

    Ruth |

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  2. Yes!! That Last sentence was everything. Love life at your own pace. Everyone has their seasons and periods, I’d he happy when it happens for you but never am I going to get envious, irritated or jealous because your life is advancing because I’m too busy working mine out!

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