#WorshipWednesdays (11)

This is something that I’m trying my hardest to work on but to be honest, I don’t think that it will happen any time soon. But to others out there who can do it lol, in my eyes I do associate foul/abusive language with negative vibes. If you want to live a more “holy” and “pure” , then the way that you talk to people and the words that you use should change.

Does it make a person a bad person if they use foul/abusive language?


  1. I don’t thinks it necessarily make that person bad. But it might tarnish a testimony or make it harder to see. A person that is not a Christian watches Christians and everything they do. Using foul language might keep that person from seeing the works that God has done in your life.

    That being said, no one is perfect and habits are hard to break. When you notice it…correct yourself outloud! That is how I finally broke the habit.

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  2. I don’t believe using foul language makes anyone a bad person but I also believe that the gratuitous use of foul language is not necessary. There are some emotionally charged situations where words like “darn’ and “fiddlesticks” do not accurately express one’s feelings in that moment.

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