Blogger Love Showcase

Hello my divas and divos, for this Friday I will put my “How My Week Went” post on hold to share with you guys that I am being featured in a blogger showcase series called “Blogger Love” owned by Em’s World . I’m so happy to be apart of this because I can meet new bloggers and gain more traffic to my blog.

A little bit of information about this showcase is Em will send you the list of of questions (the picture is above) for you to answer and send back to her. She will then post it on her blog along with your blog link and any social media links. It’s kind of like an interview and a way to get your blog out there. My showcase is being posted today so make sure you guys go check it out!

Here’s examples of what your showcase will look like: Blogger Love Showcase

This is an amazing idea and anyone can participate. All you have to do is message her and say that you’re interested. Also while you’re at it, go show her blog and social media some love:

Em’s Blog

Em’s Tumblr

Em’s Twitter

Em’s Instagram

Em’s Bloglovin’

Em’s Pinterest

Do you want to participate?

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