Second Time Is The Charm

Now, let’s take a step back to the past.

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If you guys remember, I was in the process of getting my CNA Certification. I was taking a class sponsored by the facility that I work in now that was 2 weeks long. I had to learn everything and shove all that information in my head, in 2 WEEKS. Andddddd your girl DID THAT SHIT and got CNA Certified. After I passed, they had a little graduation thing for the 7 of us and the only person that came was my (ex) boyfriend’s mother. I was sad that my mom didn’t come but it’s whatever and I got over it. I’m used to my mom not coming to my achievements. But the ceremony was nice and I was proud of myself.

But this was just the first part of this long, tough journey. The next step was for me to take my state test to get my GNA License, “Geriatric Nursing Assistant”. To be able to work in the facility, I needed to have this license. So the following month in August, it was time. I’ve been practicing and studying for a whole month. I was ready! I went in there with confidence. There was 2 parts of this exam

  • Written Exam
  • Skills Exam

The written part was just like a normal knowledge test and answering 75 questions. After I did that, I KNOW I aced that shit. Now the skills part was a little bit more difficult because this part is hands on. We had to do 5 skills out of like 30 that we learn and they were picked randomly.

  1. Hand washing (this skill is a mandatory skill)
  2. Random skill
  3. Random skill
  4. Random skill
  5. Random measurement skill (Blood pressure, Weight, Urine Measurement, Pulse, or Respiration)

Then the next 4 skills are random skills that we had to complete in 30 mins and all correctly.

Unfortunately, I passed my written exam but failed my skills exam by one skill, which was the measurement skill. I was given blood pressure. Blood pressure is not an easy thing to do and takes a lot of practice. So I did not get my GNA License that day. I’m not going to lie, I was very disappointed because I really thought I had it. My confidence went from 100 to -100. But my class instructor told me to not let this discourage me and that I can try again next month. That gave me a little bit of positivity.

So next month comes and I’m feeling very confident again. This time I only had to retake the skills part since I passed the written part the first time. And this time…..

I PASSEDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am now CNA/GNA Certified.

Have you ever attempted at something really important in life more than once? How did you feel? What do you do when you fail at something?

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