My CNAs WHERE Y’ALL ATTTTTTTT!!! Get in formation

I can not stress this enough, as a CNA our only job is NOT just wiping ass.

During the 6 months in this job industry, I have learned a lottttttttttt. This job is extremely rewarding even though it has it’s bad days. I work in a Nursing Home/Rehabilitation Center. When I first got on the floor on my own without my mentor, I was a bit nervous. I was given my own group which is like 6 to sometimes 10 people. For each of these people, I have to make sure all of their needs are met.

  • Changing them
  • Washing them
  • Feeding them (those who are unable to feed themselves)
  • Etc.

So I had to really learn time management and tricks/tips to make my job easier and not stressful. The first couple days was tiring but as I got used to it, it of course became easier and easier. With this job, once you really know what you’re doing, honey this shit is a breeezeeeeeee. At first I didn’t think I could ever get used to this job because I am an introverted person but I learn to open up because how can you be a CNA and not be social. It just won’t work.

Onto the mushy part, this job is SO rewarding. Our job policy is to not get close to our residents but how is that possible when you’re taking care of someone EVERYDAY. Someone that could be my grandmother/father, someone that I DO look at as my grandmother/father. Then for the residents that are still in their right mind, they confine in me about their life, their sadness, their family, etc. Some of them don’t ever get any visitors, so I’m the face that they get to see everyday. When I do have time, I sit down and talk to them and tell them about my life and they really enjoy it. I give hugs, kisses, “I love yous”, “I miss yous”, “you’re welcomes”, etc. Most of my residents really appreciate what I do for them. Think of it like this, you’re taking care of someone who is physically and/or mentally unable to take care of themselves. So someone has to do it for them. Yes I change diapers but it’s not as bad as people make it seem like. I just compare it to changing a baby.

But like every job, this occupation does have it’s downs. I do get cursed out, hit, smart remarks, and just residents that don’t like to work with me. I learn how to deal with those situations professionally. I say professionally because you guys know there are those residents that will TEST ME and really try to make the hood come out of me and make me forget where I’m at lol. Another down I have to deal with is, death. I just have to accept that people die. So far this month, I have lost like 4 people that I’ve taken care of. It’s depressing because it hits you out of nowhere but the only thing you can do is move on and continue doing your job.

This is just the first step of my nursing career, because you have to start somewhere.

What are your thoughts about a CNA?

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